The College's Safeguarding Policy
Last review : 01/07/2017 by Libby Reed

Data Protection Policy

The college's Data Protection Policy
Last review : 17/10/2016 by Steve Forecast

Freedom of Information Publication Policy

The college's Freedom of Information Policy
Last review : 30/10/2017 by Steve Forecast

Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy

As a Prime Provider, we are committed to publishing our supply chain fees and charging policy on our website. Each year, we will review and enhance our offer to ensure we are a leading provider of choice.
Last review : 01/10/2017 by Angelo Faria

Complaints Policy

students, parent complaints
Last review : 01/09/2017 by Bev Parker


equality and diversity
Last review : 01/02/2017 by Libby Reed

Admissions Policy

Admission Policy
Last review : 13/01/2017 by Libby Reed