Frequently Asked Questions

What are the additional time commitments to the course? : Other than lesson times, you should plan for at least 3 hours of homework per week, and approximately 6 Saturday sessions (of 6 hours each) throughout the year (dates to be confirmed at induction).

Is there anything else I should know? : Prospective students are advised to check the AAT website for details of AAT membership criteria, in particular, criteria relating to student's personal credit history and financial dealings. This can be found at

Is this course suitable for students finishing GCSEs? : This course is not suitable for 16 year olds, unless already employed in an accounting environment.

Do I have to start at level 2 of AAT if I have some accounting experience? : This is not always necessary. Please speak to a tutor or adult guidance for further information, or check the 'Skillcheck' programmes on the AA website.

What happens if I need to resit any assessments? : If you should have to resit any assessments, lecturing staff will advise and help you wherever possible. Resit fees will be payable, and whilst every effort will be made to include resits within the normal assessment timetable, there may be occasions when invigilators will need to be come in specifically for a resit. Should this occur, costs for invigilation and remarking may be passed to the students resitting this specific assessment.

How will I get my course books? : Your lecturer will advise what books you will require, and let you know the best place to get them from.

Do I need to be good at Maths? : Students need to be logical and methodical thinkers, and enjoy problem solving. Although Maths is not a pre-requisite, a liking for numbers is essential.

What other costs are there? : When entering any AAT course you will be required to pay a one off registration fee (for 2013, this is £39. Further compulsory costs will also be required: An annual AAT membership fee of £84.00, Assessment fees of £35 per assessment (totalling £175) and course materials (including textbooks) - estimated at £150.