The equivalent of two A levels, this course enables students to develop a range of real employability skills and techniques as well as the personal qualities and attitudes essential for success in a working life with animals.
What does the course involve?

This exciting and active course will give you the opportunity to work with and study a variety of animals in both practical and classroom settings. You will have access to reptiles, fish, invertebrates, rodents, birds, farm animals, horses and domestic pets, all of which are either resident on the college site or at our local yard. You will also be able to study exotic species through our excellent links with local wildlife centres and zoos.

The course is of a highly practical nature, the emphasis on enabling students to gain as much hands-on experience as possible; students are responsible for the day-to-day requirements of all our animals on site.

We welcome anyone who wishes to explore the possibility of working with animals or who is interested in studying animal-related subjects in higher education, such as animal psychology or zoology.

What Will I Study?

Animal Biology : Investigating the structure and function of the animal body and the balance and imbalance of bodily systems, allowing more effective animal management and health monitoring.

Animal Rehabilitation : A look at how we care for ill or injured wild animals with a view to their rehabilitation and reintroduction into the wild.

Animal Behaviour : Studying how animals survive and live together or on their own. Find out about the relationships animals develop in their own groups and with other species.

Practical Animal Handling : Learn how to hold and move animals correctly, understand their intentions and be able to read signs of stress.

Animal Health : How animals cope with diseases and trauma and how we can prevent and treat these effectively.

Business Management for Land-Based Industries : This unit will provide students with knowledge of how the industry works and also give a grounding in good business practice, including planning, finance and marketing.

How is the Course Assessed?
Awarding Body : EDEXCEL