High Achievers’ Academy

The High Achievers Academy is a tailored programme of information advice and guidance sessions for students with a strong GCSE profile, who wish to make applications to selective universities, sometimes referred to as Russell Group Universities, and Oxford or Cambridge. The High Achievers Academy is an inclusive provision, but as a guide for applicants you should be looking to achieve 7x7s at GCSE for the programme to be of particular benefit. In addition, allocation to a Specialist High Achievers Tutor Group with a particular specialism in either the Arts, Science or Humanities, and for those students wishing to become a Dentist, Vet or Medic.

High Achievers Academy students should expect to be challenged and stretched throughout their time at College. They will be encouraged to aspire to the most competitive and prestigious universities, careers and apprenticeships.

Guidance and Support is delivered in weekly sessions across the first year of a two-year programme of study.

Highlights Include:

  • Bristol University – Pathway to Bristol
  • Guest Lectures – The Science of Happy Brain/ Are you a Classical or Romantic Thinker?
  • Specialist Oxbridge Advice and Guidance
  • Information Literacy and Research Skills
  • Aston University – Graduate Employment and Study Abroad
  • Personal Statement Workshops
  • Preparing for Interview
  • Admissions Tests – Introduction
  • MMI practice day for Prospective Medics,
  • Vets and Dentists
  • Parent Evenings to Support the Application Process
  • Signposting to Super Curricular Extension Activities
  • Curriculum Led Competitions – Biology Olympiad
  • UCAT – Tutoring for Medics
  • Alumni Insights
  • EPQ

Do I need to be studying academic subjects to be part of the High Achievers’ Academy?

No, High Achievers may come from any sphere of study including the Arts, Sciences, Humanities, Sports etc. Some students may not think they are a High Achieving student, but for students who are predicted Grade 7s and above, the High Achievers Academy will be of interest to them.

What the students say

High achievers academy is a brilliant programme which offers students all the knowledge and skills required to progress to the best universities and apprenticeship programmes.

Nathaniel Ray

High Achievers is particularly relevant as it helps maximize opportunities in higher education, and lends an increased awareness for events and University open days.

Rosie Lightfoot
Abigail B

I am part of the High Achievers' Academy which I have found really interesting as the range of topics are diverse and broaden interest in all aspects of academics. There have been some really helpful sessions from universities about advice for getting in and other careers options.

Abigail Bauliah