High Achievers’ Academy

We encourage all our students to have confidence in their potential to make competitive applications and secure places at selective universities.

Our High Achievers Academy (HAA) enrichment programme will provide additional insights and challenges to complement academic study programmes. Students will be supported to cultivate their ability, to challenge themselves and stretch their academic interests and abilities; opening their minds to a range of subjects and developing their critical thinking.

The High Achievers Academy Enrichment programme supports students with a wide range of interests, including the Arts, Sciences and Humanities. Some students may not immediately recognise themselves as a high achieving student, but for students who are predicted 7 x Grade 7s and above at GCSE the High Achievers Academy should be of interest to them.

Guidance and Support is delivered in weekly sessions across the first year of a two-year programme of study.

Students can take advantage of the following through the HAA enrichment programme, making themselves stand out from other applicants and be successful in their applications:

  • Specialist ‘High Achiever’ Tutor Group
  • Weekly ‘High Achiever’ Sessions
  • Specialist Oxbridge Advice and Guidance
  • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) alongside their 3 – 4 A-level programme
  • Mock Interviews
  • University Visits
  • Guest Lecturers
  • Advice on Admissions Tests
  • Debating Society; Vets, Medics and Dentists Group; Law; STEM Club, Duke of Edinburgh Award and much more.
  • Becoming a student ambassador, peer mentor or volunteering in the community
  • Nuanced information, advice and guidance on applying to selective universities and courses
  • Invitations to attend Bristol Universities Pathways Programme (eligibility criteria apply)
  • Curriculum Led Competitions – Biology Olympiad
  • Alumni Insights

We have 300 HAA students which is larger than most sixth forms

The majority of HAA students gain places at Russell Group/Sutton Trust Universities, of which 90% gain their first choice

Our Medics, Vets, Dentists and Oxbridge candidates consistently secure their first choice of university

Do I need to be studying academic subjects to be part of the High Achievers’ Academy?

No, High Achievers may come from any sphere of study including the Arts, Sciences, Humanities, Sports etc. Some students may not think they are a High Achieving student, but for students who are predicted Grade 7s and above, the High Achievers Academy will be of interest to them.

What the students say

I am part of the High Achievers Academy and the Vets, Medics and Dentists tutorial programmes and I have really benefitted from the talks organised by the HAA from Russell Group universities about how to make the right decisions and from companies like Dyson about different pathways after college. As for the Vets, Medics and Dentists group, I think it’s been so important in keeping us motivated and aware about the challenges ahead of us and making sure we achieve our full potential. It’s also pretty funny and probably one of my favourite sessions of the week.

Jin High Achievers

High achievers academy is a brilliant programme which offers students all the knowledge and skills required to progress to the best universities and apprenticeship programmes.


High Achievers is particularly relevant as it helps maximize opportunities in higher education, and lends an increased awareness for events and University open days.

Abigail B

I am part of the High Achievers' Academy which I have found really interesting as the range of topics are diverse and broaden interest in all aspects of academics. There have been some really helpful sessions from universities about advice for getting in and other careers options.