Photographic Assistant: Photographic Technician Level 3


The Photographic Assistant role involves carrying out skilled work in the photographic industry utilising common photographic knowledge and skills.  The knowledge and skills can equally be applied to whatever means and methods are used in the workplace to generate, print or publish a photographic image.  Whilst the majority of photographic imagery is produced digitally, the use of photographic film and silver based prints are still used in specialist businesses.  On completion of this apprenticeship, apprentices may move into further and higher education, or secure employment in the respective sector of the photographic industry.  This is a core and options apprenticeship with two optional occupational/role areas:

Photographic Technician will typically work in a commercial photo finishing business, high street minilab or in-house processing centre.  Their work involves producing prints from customer supplied digital imagery.  Some staff working in specialist areas will be responsible for processing and printing imagery from photographic films using non-digital equipment.

Each apprentice will be allocated a Coach to support learning and preparation for EPA. In addition Progress Reviews will take place regularly to ensure the apprentice is on track.

End Point Assessment

The three EPA assessment methods are:

  • Knowledge Test
  • Observation
  • Professional Discussion