Events Assistant Level 3


The apprenticeship will typically take 18 months to complete


An Events Assistant is an entry level position, typically working in an events company or department in a larger organisation, working within a team of people.  The role would usually provide support to a number of Event Planners or Project Managers by carrying out a diverse range of tasks necessary to plan, organise and deliver an event, for example searching for the right location and venue for an event, working with the design team on the look and feel of the event, and organising logistics like transportation and catering.  Events cover a broad range of activities as well as sizes, from small numbers of attendees through to thousands. Around 75% of events are conferences, meetings, trade shows and exhibitions. Other events include outdoor events, cultural events, sporting and music events.  As well as holding events in the UK, events agencies and events departments organise events in different countries around the world.

Each apprentice will be allocated a Coach to support ongoing learning and preparation for EPA.  In addition, Progress Reviews will take place regularly to ensure the apprentice is on track.

End Point Assessment

The three EPA assessment methods are:

  • A Project
  • A Portfolio of Evidence
  • A Professional Discussion