Ten Great Short Stories: a Discussion Group

The course will provide an opportunity to read ten of the best short stories ever written and to discuss them in a supportive and encouraging environment.  We will explore a range of stories, from contemporary work to classics, looking at how the different writers engage the reader.  The focus of the sessions will be the group’s responses to the stories – the best lessons are always where we have different ideas! You don’t need to have any expertise to do the course – just a willingness to do a little reading and give your own views.

Start Date : Wed 21st Sep 2022
Time : 18:00 - 19:30
Location : Cirencester College
Duration : 10 Weeks
Spaces : 12
Code : 09/22_BOK_10W_SS

What topics are covered?

Ten short stories, ranging from Chekov to Roald Dahl, from H.G. Wells to Raymond Carver, covering different periods and different countries.

How will I learn?

Discussion in class

Any Questions?

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