Colour and Style Identity

This course is for people that love colour and want to learn more about it and how it makes them, and others look and feel. We aim to get you to look at yourself and others in a more positive light and see how different clothing choices can impact how we look, feel and our confidence. This course is great for building confidence and understanding of oneself. It’s also ideal for anyone working in creative industries or helping others to choose colour for themselves.

You will need to buy yourself a colour booklet and fan.

Start Date : Mon 9th Jan 2023
Time : 18:30 - 20:30
Location : Cirencester College
Duration : 2 Weeks
Spaces : 10
Code : 01/23_COL_2W_ST
This is the course itself.

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Start Date : Mon 9th Jan 2023
Time : 18:30 - 20:30
Location : Cirencester College
Duration : to keep
Spaces : 10
Code : 01/23_COL_2W_BK
This is the colour booklet and fan that you will need to buy to support this course. This will then be yours to keep.

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What topics are covered?

Colour theory, understanding cool & warm, bright & muted tones. A look at Architecture and how shape relates to style, clothing and texture.

How will I learn?

Class teaching, group work and discussion.

You will create a moodboard to learn more about yourself and your style identity

What do I need to bring?

We will get you to buy a booklet and colour fan to support you in class but so that you can continue to use it after the sessions are over. This is alongside the course itself in the green banner. These will be given out in the first class.

All other resources will be provided.

We will supply magasines however as these are such personal choices, we welcome you to bring some of your favourite fashion magasines with you too.

Any Questions?

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