Empowered Menopause: Nurturing Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

Tailored for those entering the ‘second spring of life’ this course guides participants through peri and menopause, whether your starting this chapter or navigating its complexities.

This course will provide participants the opportunity to experience a transformative journey where menopause sparks positive change. Discover yourself in a supportive environment within which sharing, questioning and learning collaboratively will take place.

The content blends crucial information, practical tools and engaging activities.

Facilitating the course will be Melanie Cheeseman founder of Cotswold Leadership Academy. Melanie is a vastly experienced Wellbeing Learning and Development Specialist who aims to equip people with a practical toolkit to confront life’s challenges.

This is a funded course, so free for participants that

  • Have lived in the UK or EU for at least the past 3 years
  • Are aged 19 and over
  • Participants who are both in the stages of menopause or perimenopause

Unfortunately, these classes have now finished, please register your details and we will inform you as soon as more classes become available.

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What topics are covered?

Week 1: Understanding Peri/Menopause

Introduction to Peri/Menopause: What it is and common symptoms

Hormonal Changes: Impact on emotional and mental wellbeing

Normalising Experiences: Sharing stories and experiences

Q&A Session: Addressing participant concerns and questions


Week 2: Emotional Resilience Building

Recognising Emotional Changes: Identifying mood swings and emotional shifts

Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques: Tools for managing stress and anxiety

Emotional Self-Care: Developing personalised self-care strategies

– Group Discussion: Sharing coping mechanisms and success stories


Week 3: Nourishing Mental Wellbeing through Nutrition

Nutrition and Hormonal Balance: Understanding the connection

Foods for Mental Health: Incorporating mood-boosting nutrients

Meal Planning and Recipes: Practical tips for a balanced diet

Guest Speaker: Nutritionist specialising in menopause


Week 4: Stress Management Strategies

Understanding the Relationship: Stress and Menopause

Exploring Holistic Approaches: Mind-Body Connection

Incorporating Daily Life: Active Stress Relief

Personalized Plans: Workshop on developing stress management strategies


Week 5: Cognitive Wellbeing

Cognitive Changes: Memory, concentration, and cognitive function

Cognitive Behavioural Techniques: Managing negative thought patterns

Brain-Boosting Activities: Mental exercises and challenges

Group Activity: Engaging in cognitive wellness exercises together


Week 6: Building a Supportive Community

Importance of Support: Navigating menopause together

Building a Support Network: Connecting with peers

Resources and Further Support: Online and local resources

Celebration and Reflection: Recognising progress and setting future goals

How will I learn?

Through sharing theory, practical approaches and group activities.

What do I need to bring?

Participants will receive a menopause workbook in digital format. There is nothing additional participants will require.

Any Questions?

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