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What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a full time job with training. A blend of ‘on’ and ‘off’ the job training that provides individuals with the skills they need for their chosen career, while earning a wage.

Apprenticeships are available across all industry sectors and are an excellent way of gaining nationally recognised qualifications whilst working and gaining real workplace experience.

Apprenticeship Vacancies will be advertised on the National Apprenticeship Service vacancies website and our own college website.

Who can do an Apprenticeship?

anyone living in England, over the age of 16 (who has completed year 11 at Secondary School) and who wants to work in a full time job whilst gaining qualifications, can apply for an apprenticeship.

There is no upper age limit for starting an apprenticeship.

What qualifications are in an Apprenticeship?

There are two types of apprenticeship programmes, frameworks and standards.  Each type is made up of different components.  For a framework these are:

Competence based qualification

Knowledge based qualification

English, Maths & ICT if you do not already hold GCSE

Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Personal learning and thinking skills

For Standards:

Skills, knowledge and behaviours are embedded in to the apprenticeship with an end point assessment testing all three.

English and Maths if you do not already hold GCSE

In addition to the sector specific vocational qualification(s) each framework includes English and Maths Functional Skills and most have ICT functional skills. Exemptions from one or more of the functional skills may be available

Each apprenticeship will also include Employee Rights and Responsibilities. These are not separate qualifications but are embedded within the existing qualifications and may also be covered by a separate workbook.

Each apprenticeship will also include the six Personal Learning and Thinking Skills. These are ‘soft skills’ that have been identified as being required by an apprentice or, in fact, any employee, in order to be effective in the workplace.

What levels of Apprenticeships are there?

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship:

working towards level 2 qualifications.

Advanced Level Apprenticeship

working towards level 3 qualifications.

Higher Level Apprenticeships

working towards level 4 and above qualifications

What our Apprentices have to say?

Apprenticeship vacancies

An Apprenticeship gives you hands-on, real-life work experience, a salary and the opportunity to gain qualifications, all while working for a reputable local employer.

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