You may be choosing your post 16 course choices based on your interest and enjoyment of particular subjects, have a clear idea about your future career plan or have a few ideas but are not completely sure yet. It is never too early to start thinking about your longer term goals so here are some things to think about before you make an application to Cirencester College.

  • Use the information on our website to find out more about our courses. The course information will tell you what you will study, but also where the course could lead in terms of career options.
  • Attend one of our open days and speak to subject specific staff and current students about the courses you are interested in.
  • Discuss your ideas with parents, teachers or the careers adviser at school
  • Do some research online

External Careers Information Websites

The following websites are useful resources for finding out more information about careers.


National careers website including job profiles, labour market information, skills health check and lots of help and advice about work, education and training.

Aimed at 14-18 year olds, this site looks at options at 14, 16 and 18, and helps you explore different job sectors. Links to regional (South west) University courses as well as Labour Market Information (LMI) for our region.

BBC Bitesize now offers a wealth of careers inspiration and advice for students!
A growing collection of job case studies across a wide range of sectors, supported with labour market information
Links between curriculum subjects and the world of work, showing how vocational, apprenticeship and academic pathways can lead to success
Information and guidance on skills for work, choosing options, work experience and more.

Careers Inspiration in the form of video clips.

The national government website for apprenticeships has all of the up to date vacancy information. You don’t have to be actively looking for an apprenticeship to register. You can sign up and keep an eye on vacancies in the area to get an idea of the possibilities locally to help plan for the future.

UCAS- is the University and Colleges Admissions Service. They hold all the information about university courses on their website and if you apply to university you will make an application through this service. The website has lots of careers information including a quick careers quiz which is an easy way to being to generate some ideas.

This is an excellent site designed for people already at university, with information on opportunities for graduates. For example, you might think ‘What job could I do if I studied a particular subject?’ This site will give you good ideas on careers you could do if you had a particular degree subject, following A levels. It can be a good starting point if you have subjects you are interested in at A level but don’t know where they might lead.

What you study at sixth form or college can affect your options at university and your future career. Use Informed Choices to help you understand which subjects open up different degree courses, particularly at Russell Group* universities.

*The Russell Group is a catch-all term for a group of 24 universities with a shared focus on research and a reputation for academic achievement. The member universities are usually spotted near the top of the university league tables. There aren’t any specifically different entry requirements for a Russell Group university. Universities and courses all have their own entry requirements. But given their strong reputation, it makes sense that the entry requirements are likely to be high.

What uni allows students to register and research university courses and provides a comparison tool for comparing universities as well as some useful guidance articles.

Applicant Portal – Access to Careers Matching Tools

Applicants to Cirencester College will be able to access our Careers and HE Microsite which has links to even more careers resources. Applicants can also gain exclusive access to a Careers Tool called Kudos. Kudos is an interactive career matching tool, designed to give you suitable career ideas and provides comprehensive information about jobs, qualifications, skills and useful contacts. In addition to careers matching and information, the Kudos tool enables you to: identify suitable careers; explore your transferable skills; consider progression routes; identify gaps in your skills and subject choices; create a UCAS personal statement; produce education/career plans and build your own CV. It may be useful to complete this before an admissions interview with us- so that we can work together to get you on the right programme.

If you have already applied to Cirencester College you can access the the KUDOS careers system through the applicant portal here

Cirencester College is committed to improving the life chances of all of their learners by continuing to offer, and continuously improving, a high quality careers programmers to meet their requirements. Full details of this can be found here; Careers and Personal Development Strategy Document

The Careers Leader is Karen Fraser (Vice Principal Student Expereinces and Student Relations The Careers Strategy is reviewed  annually through internal quality systems. The Current Strategy was published in April 2019.