Computer Equipment

All courses involve some degree of computer based work.  The College has many computers in study areas around the campus and limited sets of laptops for in class use. 

There are also specialist rooms for courses that are computer based, for example IT, Media, Music Technology, and Photography. 

However, it would significantly enhance your learning if you have your own laptop, one which you are able to bring into College.

Do I need to do work over the summer in preparation for the start of term?

Yes, you will be set specific work for each of your subjects which you are expected to complete for the start of term. This work will be available in the My Learning section of this website by July 10th

It is important that you complete this work as it will help us make an initial assessment of your capabilities and ensure that you make a smooth start to your course and that you are not behind before you begin!

Who do I contact if I have questions and concerns over the summer?

Telephone the College on 01285 640994 and ask to speak to someone in the Student Journey Team and they will do their best to help you. 

Alternatively, you can ask a question via our college Facebook or Twitter sites and a member of staff - or maybe a student or another applicant - will respond.