Who can I speak to if I have a problem at college?

There are many staff you can speak to at college should you wish to discuss a problem you have encountered. These include your personal tutor, subject teachers, senior tutor, careers advisors and student services. In addition to this, you can book an appointment to speak to the college counsellor.

We also have a Student Support Network, set up and run by students, to offer advice and guidance. This service is designed so that if you have an issue that you would feel more comfortable speaking about confidentially with one of our trained students, rather than a member of staff, you can do so.

College will be very different from school, what support will I have?

We are committed to providing excellent pastoral care for each and every student. You will be allocated your own personal tutor at the college who will ensure your programme of study meets your needs.

We also offer extensive guidance and support to help you make those critical choices about your future. Personal Tutors and in-house Careers Advisors will be able to advise you about careers and higher education and show you how to make the best use of online resources and the Careers Library. Through your tutor group, we will also make the process of applying to University feel much less daunting and subject specialist staff will be able to provide considerable help and expertise.

What academic support does the college offer?

Academic support teachers offer one-to-one guidance, support and tuition in all aspects of study skills e.g. note-taking, spelling, reading, essay-writing, numeracy or any other problems relating to college work. You can also receive help with organising and presenting your work and meeting deadlines.

If you have discussed your needs at your admissions interview or have been identified during our screening test then the Academic Support staff will be aware of your needs. If you think you need support with your studies then just come along to Academic Support and make an appointment - we're here to help.

Will I have a tutor?

Yes, all full time students have a personal tutor.

What is the role of my personal tutor?

Personal tutors are responsible for ensuring that your programme of studies meets your needs and for monitoring your progress. They will meet with you several times throughout the year to discuss your attainment and progress and to raise any concerns that subject staff may have. Your personal tutor is also responsible for guiding you through the process of applying to university.

Most personal tutors are members of teaching staff. In many cases your tutor may teach you for at least one of your subjects. Personal tutors are supported in their work by a Pastoral Manager.

If you have any questions or concerns, particularly in the first few weeks at College then your tutor is the best person to ask.

What does a pastoral manager do?

Every faculty has a pastoral manager: a senior tutor who works with their team of personal tutors to deal with a wide range of student support issues.

  • They arrange talks from visiting speakers on topics such as road safety / health & wellbeing and personal finance as well as H.E. and careers.
  • They organsie major careers and employment events which provide students with the chance to meet representatives from local and national companies as well as a wide range of universities.
  • They help coordinate the process of university applications through UCAS.
  • They oversee student welfare and help for those who require financial support
  • They coordinate activities around employability including work experience
  • They deal with disciplinary issues including poor attendance.

What is the Student Journey Team?

The Student Journey Team in the hub is a good place to head to if you have any queries or concerns in your first few weeks - they seem to know the answer to everything!

You may need to visit the Student Journey Team to hand in or collect forms.

Health and Safety

If you discover a fire:

  • Sound the alarm by opening the nearest break glass point
  • Leave the building and move to the assembly point at the back of the field


If you hear the fire alarm:

  • Immediately leave the building by the nearest route
  • Do not stop to collect personal belongings
  • Close all doors behind you
  • Listen to the advice of the fire marshals
  • You will not be allowed to drive away
  • Do not re-enter the buildings until told that it is safe to do so.


First aid queries:

  • If you have a first aid query, please contact Reception who will arrange for a first aider to see you.


Your responsibility for Health and Safety :

The College has a responsibility to make sure that we keep you safe whilst you are on site, but you also have a responsibility for Health and Safety.  You should:

  • In your actions, take reasonable care of yourselves and others
  • Not misuse anything that the College have put in place for your health and safety
  • Report any accident or potential hazard to a member of staff
  • Co-operate with staff on Health and Safety issues


Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs)

  • If you feel that you will have a problem leaving the buildings, quickly, in an emergency, please let the Health and Safety Officer know.  You may need a PEEP.
  • This may be as result of a temporary disability or a more long standing issue.


Studying in the College after 4pm or in the holidays?

  • Students, other than those in timetabled lessons, will not be permitted on site after 7pm (4.30pm on Fridays) during term time.
  • Students can work in the library until 7pm, Mondays to Thursdays during term time. 
  • Any student who needs to work in a specific designated room (eg, art/design/performing arts, etc) must sign in at Reception and identify which member of staff they are working with.  Any students on site after 4pm may be asked why they are on site and asked to leave if they have not signed in at Reception.
  • Students working on site during holiday periods should study in the library or (if working in specific rooms) sign in at Reception identifying which member of staff they are working with.  Please note that the College site closes at 5pm during the holidays.
  • Students should sign out at Reception or with their lecturer when they have finished studying.


Useful contacts:

  • Helen Tonks, Health and Safety Officer, Davis block, room D07 helen.tonks@cirencester.ac.uk
  • Site management team, Davis block, room D07.
  • Reception team