What are the College rules?

The college rules are called the Student Charter (or Code of Conduct). The Charter lists all the things that you, as students, are entitled to, as well as your responsibilities towards fellow students and members of staff. It is designed to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn in a safe and fair environment that caters for their individual needs,

It can be found on the college website, the student intranet or by clicking this link. 

Student Code of Conduct

If the Student Carter/Code of Conduct is broken then disciplinary procedures will be instigated.

The Student Disciplinary Procedure can be found on the intranet.

Do I have to be in College all day every day?

No, you only have to be in college for your timetabled lessons. So, if your lessons finish at 3pm then you can leave the campus. However, we would recommend that you make full use of the college facilities such as the Library, Spotlight and Learning Centre in order to complete as much of your independent study as possible during the college day.

You will be registered in each lesson (not at the start of each morning and afternoon session) and full attendance is expected. The Student Attendance Policy can be found on the student intranet.

Can I eat and drink in classrooms?

Food and drinks (other than bottled water) should not be consumed in classrooms, the Learning Centre or the Library. Food should be eaten either in the Refectory, the Spotlight, the Hub Cafe or on the field and all packaging should be disposed of in the appropriate recycling bins (where possible) or rubbish bins.

If you need to eat food during a lesson for health reasons (such as diabetes) then of course this will be allowed, but you must make your tutor and teachers aware of this need.

Bottled water may not be allowed in some lessons for health & safety reasons.

Am I allowed to smoke at College?

No, smoking is not permitted on any college site, nor is it permitted at the entrances to college sites or on adjacent land.

There is a sheltered smoking area just beyond the main car park which can be used.

You must not smoke in a car that is parked in a college car park, as this causes a particular risk of fire.

Help is available for students wanting to stop smoking.