Film Studies

Film is a powerful medium. Studying Film at A-level will offer you the opportunity to investigate how films generate meanings and ways in which we respond to them. You will engage with a wide variety of inspiring and challenging films including both mainstream and independent American, British and European films from the past and the present. For example, we start the course by looking at the film Pan’s Labyrinth, considering how film form (such as colour, lighting and camera shots) creates meaning, as well as examining the political, social and institutional contexts. During the course, you will also do some creative work by producing either a short film or a screenplay for a short film. You will draw on existing films and scripts to develop a portfolio that will inform your work. Through a range of activities including class discussions, presentations and writing, you will be able to develop your critical thinking, communication and independent learning skills, inspiring you to watch a wider range of films!

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What will I study?

Film Studies offers the opportunity to investigate a wide variety of films in order to broaden your knowledge and understanding of film and the range of responses films can generate. You will study both mainstream American films from the past and the present as well as a range of recent and contemporary British films, American independent films and films from other parts of the world. You will also look at the historical development of films from silent cinema to the digital age. Coursework forms one module, providing an opportunity to develop creative and technical skills.


How will I learn?

A range of activities will include film screening and analysis, class and group discussions, research, essay writing and presentations.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is through a combination of examination and coursework.

Component 1: a written exam worth 35%

Component  2: a written exam worth 35%

Both these components assess knowledge and understanding of the films studied during the course.

Component 3 is a production module which is a non-exam assessment worth 30% of the overall grade.

Are there any trips on this course?

A number of trips are on offer for a Film Studies student ranging from a trip to the Harry Potter Studios, the BBFC in London and local cinema screenings.

Are there any extra costs?

Module Booklets need to be bought during the course which usually cost between £1-2 each.

Are there any specific entry requirements?


What enrichment activities are offered?

We offer a range of enrichment activities such as a visit to the Harry Potter Studios to look at the amount of work and detail that went into creating the Franchise. During this visit, we also attend a training session given by professionals which can range from advice on how to work in the industry to working on script writing. Other trips include visits to local cinemas to watch films that are relevant to the course, and outings to film festivals. We also run a Film Club which takes place weekly and shows a range of exciting and innovative films. During the year, a number of speakers come in to talk on a range of topics. This year, we have had two ex-Film students in who are currently studying film at university or working now in the industry.

What work experience opportunities are there?

We encourage all our students to undertake some work experience. We have links to many local companies and often get requests for us to provide students who can take part in film productions or projects. Some of our students have been part of the BFI Film Academy where they have followed a hands-on film production course.

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Are there any practical elements to this course?

Coursework is worth 30% of the A-level course. You will have a choice of either writing a script or producing a short film.