Applied Human Biology

Are you fascinated by how the human body works? Do you want to learn more about this incredible machine? If so our exciting Applied Human Biology course is perfect for you! Have you ever wondered exactly how the body is able to control and maintain different internal conditions? What do cells actually do with the food we eat? Why do some people’s immune systems attack their own cells? How do bacteria, viruses and other pathogens specifically cause disease? These are just some of the questions you will explore the answers to. You will also have the opportunity during the course to design and carry out your own investigation and work in our state-of the-art lab. The course is delivered by experienced and approachable lecturers who are there to support you throughout your learning. Human biology is an enthralling subject and we look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for it with you!

Awarding Body

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Ext Cert

What will I study?

Principles of Human Biology Practical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Human Biology & Health Plus one more optional unit from the specification


There are no optional units or choices in this qualification

How will I learn?

You'll study much of the Human Biology in the classroom, but there'll also be lots of experiments in the laboratory. Learning will be a mixture of lectures, where you will be encouraged to learn independent study skills, discussions with your peers, and frequent tests to check your progress. All experiments will be written up and built into your understanding of the theory. You'll get booklets with lots of work to do between lessons, and it will be important that you complete all the work set, and learn everything thoroughly for tests.

How will I be assessed?

In year one there are two units; 'Principles of Human Biology' is assessed in an exam and 'Practical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases' by coursework. In the second year (of the extended certificate), the 'Human Biology and Health Issues' unit is assessed by a set task and the second unit by coursework.

Are there any trips on this course?

We may be able to run trips, some of which may be in conjunction with the A-level Biology cohort.

Are there any specific entry requirements?

3 x GCSE grade 4 or higher incl. English and Science (either 4,4 in combined or a 4 in Biology)

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Is there much practical work?

This course will involve a lot of practical work in the lab particularly the second unit in Year 1 on Practical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Will I have to cut things up?

There will be the opportunity to do some dissection of organs such as the heart but this is not a compulsory part of the qualification.