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L3 Core Maths (Statistical Techniques) is taught over one year and would provide excellent mathematical support to students on A-level Psychology, Biology and Geography courses.

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What will I study?

There are two exam papers on L3 Core Maths.

Paper 1 includes:

- Data Analysis techniques  (Using appropriate charts and figures to represent different sets of data)

- Financial Maths  (Tax, Mortgages, Savings & Investments)

- Mathematical Modelling & Estimation  (Modelling real world situations; Using Fermi estimations, solve problems such as how many human heartbeats there are in the UK each year)

Paper 2 includes:

- Critical Analysis techniques  (Making rational decisions based on the data in front of you)

- Normal Distribution  (incl. use of the famous Bell Curve)

- Confidence Intervals  (How confident are you about your data....?)

- Correlation & Regression   (Making predictions about the future / past using the data you've collected)

How will I learn?

In lessons, you will discuss some typical real world problems which can be solved using a mathematical process.  You will also practise relevant techniques.

The aim is to finish the new material by the end of February, so you can then use the lessons in March & April to revise for the exams, which are sat in May.

How will I be assessed?

2 exam papers

Are there any trips on this course?

In recent years, many Level 3 Maths students have attended a series of lectures entitled Maths In Action at Warwick University.  You will be eligible to join this trip, for a small fee to cover the cost of the ticket and transport.

Are there any extra costs?

The calculator required for this course is the Casio FX-991EX ("Classwiz") which can be ordered via our Wisepay system for £23.

Are there any specific entry requirements?

Grade 5 in GCSE Maths

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Do I need a specific calculator?

Yes.  You will require a Casio FX-991EX ("Classwiz") calculator.

This can be purchased for £23 via our Wisepay system.

Are there any particular textbooks I will need?

We will have a set of relevant textbooks in the classroom.  If you wish to buy your own copy to have at home, it is the following title:

ISBN:  9780198365938

Publisher:  OUP

Title:  AQA Advanced Maths Mathematical Studies Level 3 Certificate