EPQ (Level 3 Extended Project Qualification)

The Extended Project Qualification enables students to gain further skills to their studies at Cirencester College with a standalone qualification. This qualification allows learners to choose a topic area linked to their area of personal interest, develop their ideas into a dissertation or construct an artefact. Universities and future employers look very favourably at the EPQ.

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What will I study?

The EPQ is a qualification that you sign up for in the Spring term of your first year. The EPQ runs alongside your other subjects during the Autumn, Winter and Spring terms of your second year. 

You will initially submit a proposal form with your idea - this will be developed with a designated Supervisor, who will meet you three times throughout your programme to support you in completion of your EPQ. 

It is not examined, you have to write a piece of extended writing or develop an artefact which is then submitted to be marked and moderated. 

Additionally, you will present the key findings of your research in a presentation to your Supervisor. 

Alongside this, you will have access to taught sessions where you will learn and develop the relevant skills needed for this qualification, these are transferable to a future employer or University. 

How will I learn?

Students will learn through a series of taught sessions the skills needed to complete the EPQ. 

You will also have 1:1's with a designated Supervisor who will support you throughout the whole process. 

At the end of this course, you will produce a dissertation of up to 5,000 words or develop an artefact. 

This will be marked like a piece of Coursework by the EPQ team, you will present the key findings of your research to your Supervisor. 

How will I be assessed?

100 % Coursework and Presentation. 


Careers Information

This course is looked at favourable by Universities and some will lower their entry requirements for students who have completed this qualification. 


When do I complete the EQP?

Students sign up for this in the Spring term of their first year, with the view to completing this in your second year. 


How is this qualification assessed?

100 % through coursework and a presentation.