Reports and Strategic Documents

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Report

Last review : 21/01/2026 by Pa Principal

Signed Financial Statements 2019/20

Last review : 11/01/2021 by Angelo Faria

Signed Financial Statements 2018/19

Last review : 20/12/2019 by Angelo Faria

SEND Local Offer

SEND Local Offer
Last review : 01/10/2019 by Pa Principal

Finance Procurement Strategy

Finance Procurement Strategy
Last review : 01/04/2019 by Angelo Faria

Finance Partnership Strategy

Finance Partnership Strategy
Last review : 01/03/2019 by Angelo Faria

Ofsted Website

Cirencester College page on the Ofsted website including links to all Ofsted reports
Last review : 22/01/2019 by Helen Finan

Careers and Personal Development Strategy

Careers and Personal Development Strategy
Last review : 16/09/2021 by Pa Principal


Covid Risk Assessment September 21

Last review : 01/09/2021 by Pa Principal


Student Code of Conduct Covid 19

Last review : 20/11/2020 by Karen Fraser


Student Charter and Code of Conduct Policy

Last review : 01/06/2020 by Karen Fraser

Security checks for safeguarding

Security checks for safeguarding policy
Last review : 01/12/2021 by Jacqui Parry-jones

Health and Safety Policy

Last review : 01/03/2021 by Helen Tonks

PREVENT - Preventing extremism and radicalisation Policy

Last review : 01/10/2018 by VP Student Experience and External Relations

Freedom of Information Publication Policy

Last review : 01/10/2018 by Operations Director

Digital Media Policy

Last review : 01/09/2019 by Operations Director/HR Manager

CCTV Policy

Last review : 01/01/2020 by Operations Director

Car Parking Policy

Last review : 01/05/2021 by Operations director

Bursary Policy

Details on our bursary limits and funding policy
Last review : 28/03/2019 by Neil Owen

BTEC Registration

BTEC Registration
Last review : 01/09/2019 by Pa Principal

Admission Policy

Admissions Policy
Last review : 01/05/2021 by Karen Fraser

Compliments and Complaints Policy and Procedure

students, parent complaints
Last review : 01/07/2021 by Karen Fraser

Single Equality Policy

equality and diversity
Last review : 22/01/2019 by Jacqui Parry-jones

Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing Policy
Last review : 01/12/2020 by Jacqui Parry-Jones

Higher Education

HE Admissions Policy

Admissions policy for Higher Education
Last review : 01/04/2019 by Jane Fern

Higher Education Application Form

Use this form to make an application to any HND or Teacher Training course
Last review : 28/01/2019 by Admissions

HE Application Guidance Notes

Guidance Notes for HE Applications
Last review : 25/02/2019 by Pa Principal