What is the disciplinary code?

At Cirencester College we believe in entering into a partnership with every single student that walks through our doors – there is no ‘them and us’, staff and students work as a team. We believe in some basic principles. Everyone in the College has the responsibility to help create a happy learning environment. Put simply, we want everyone to feel as though they are treated as an individual, an exceptional and a valuable person. We do not apologise for having high expectations. On the rare occasion that we have concerns about their progress or behaviour, students may be subject to the Cirencester College Disciplinary System as outlined below:

Stage 1: contract                     

A Subject lecturer or other member of staff will decide if sufficient evidence exists to issue a Contract. The student will be informed of the contract and the terms that need to be met in order for it to be removed (2 week review period). A letter will also be sent home detailing the reasons for issuing a contract and targets to be met by the review date. Typical reasons may well include the following (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Unauthorised absence (attendance falling below 92%)
  • Lateness
  • Failure to submit homework
  • Under Achievement
  • Use of offensive language
  • Behaviour
  • Disregard for the College environment

Stage 2: First Warning

If a student fails to respond positively to a Contract, the subject lecturer or personal tutor will escalate the contract and request that the senior tutor issues a first warning. The Pastoral Manager will then call home for a discussion about the reasons the first warning is being issued and in most cases where appropriate you will be invited into College to discuss the situation with the Personal Tutor, Pastoral Manager and relevant subject lecturers.

Stage 3: Final Warning

Failure to respond positively to a first warning will lead to the Pastoral Manager issuing a final warning.

If a student’s behaviour matches a final warning trigger where a contract or first warning has not been issued the student may be suspended from College by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and a meeting will be arranged with parents/carers. After the meeting, a student may be allowed to return to college but will continue to be closely monitored on a weekly basis.

Failure to respond positively to a final warning may result in permanent exclusion with the opportunity for an appeal via a written letter to the Principal.

In the more serious cases however, where a student has committed an illegal act or put other students or staff at risk, a student will be excluded with immediate effect by the Pastoral Manager and Vice Principal. In such a case, there will also be the right of appeal to the Principal.

Warnings may be issued for any of the following:

  • Extended unauthorised absence and student has therefore fallen behind
  • Failure to submit homework or coursework over an extended period
  • Theft (immediate suspension and in many cases exclusion)
  • Possession of illegal substances (immediate suspension and in many cases exclusion)
  • Assault
  • Bullying, harassment, victimisation and all forms of aggressive or threatening behaviour, including the use of racist or sexist behaviour
  • Breaching the student ICT acceptable use policy
  • Inappropriate use of email and cyber bullying