Value Added

‘Value added’ might sound like management speak but it tells you more about how good an education provider is than almost any other indicator. Quite simply it tells you how big a difference a school or college makes.  There are several models but essentially they all compare the GCSE score a student has at 16 with the A Level or BTEC score they leave with at 18. We use a system call ALPs which is used by top performing Schools and Colleges across the country.

Amongst all types of 16-19 schools and colleges in England, Sixth Form Colleges have the best value added and make the most difference for students. Cirencester College is in the top 12 Sixth Form Colleges nationally in terms of value added.

What this means for you is that your son or daughter has a better chance of getting A-level higher grades than their GCSEs would suggest if they study with us rather than almost anywhere else. This is regardless of whether they come in with 5 grade Cs or 10 A*s.

We are able to do this year in-year out because we are a specialist A-Level and Vocational College. That is what our staff are expert in and concentrate on. We provide tremendous subject choice, a supportive and ambitious pastoral system and great teaching. However, your son or daughter will also need to work hard and consistently during their time with us.