Pastoral Care and Support at Cirencester College

Cirencester College offers young people an outstanding learning environment that provides them with opportunities to develop as individuals and achieve and exceed their expectations. A college experience supports young people in making the transition to employment or higher education by fostering a sense of independence and ownership of their education whilst at the same time maintaining appropriate levels of support and communication with parents and carers.  Student report that they feel safe at Cirencester College and that they are listened to.  The range of courses on offer allows students to plan their programme of learning and as a parent it is never too early to support them in researching these future options.

Personal Tutor

Every student will be allocated to a Personal Tutor. We try and match them up with a tutor with expertise in the direction the student wants to go. There are specialist groups for those hoping to go to top universities, for broad subjects such as Art or Business and for particular career paths such as Nursing or towards self-employment.

Tutorial meetings

Tutor groups meet once a week. These sessions are important because

  • The tutor has designed many of the tutorial sessions around preparation for progression to the students chosen next-destination
  • It provides a point of contact essential for student reviews, making appointments and checking on progress or issues
  • Weekly tutorial notices provide the best way of students knowing about events and opportunities and which ones are relevant to them.

In addition the personal tutor will meet with each student for a formal 1:1 review three times a year during which progress will be discussed, targets set and any problems addressed.



  • Every lesson is registered- which you can see via parent portal but every learner will be on a journey to  foster their time management and independent learning skills and taking responsibility for themselves as they  look forward to their next steps.
  • Students are expected to engage with the range of experiences and opportunities that are offered under our learning plus umbrella to help them achieve academic and personal success.
  • Your son or daughter's timetable at college will look different to the one they had at school, they won’t be in a timetabled lesson from 9-4 and independent study will become much more important no matter what combination of subject or qualification type they choose.


Advice and guidance

All our students will be supported through their journey by their personal tutor.  Tutors meet with students regularly in a group and one to one to discuss their academic progress and to set targets for personal growth. There is a focus on career guidance as students with clear ideas and goals remain motivated by their studies. The role of the personal tutor is supported by the careers guidance services which provide students with insights into different careers and university courses through a programme of guest speakers and event including our annual university and employer convention held during National Careers Week in March. If your son or daughter is considering higher education their tutor will support and guide them through this process.  At the admissions interview we will record what their current intentions are for the future and they will be placed in a tutor group that matches their ambitions, whatever they are.