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Accounting (2021)

If you enjoy working with numbers, don't mind writing extended essays and have an eye for detail, accounting is a great career choice.

Business Studies (2021)

How can you be sure your product will be popular? How can you improve your company’s reputation? How do you re-structure your business if it means making people redundant? Learn how to deal with the pressures of running businesses of all sizes, from sole traders to being in charge of multinationals like Apple or Coca-Cola.

Economics (2021)

If you want to know what society does about high prices, globally powerful firms, a limited choice of goods, underdeveloped countries and poverty, this is the course for you.

Mathematics (2021)

This course gives you an insight into some of the diverse topics that can be studied in Mathematics. Pure Maths concepts such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Number Sequences and Calculus will comprise 67% of the course.

Financial Studies (2021)

A comprehensive introduction to personal finance, this course develops the knowledge and skills required for young people to make informed financial decisions by introducing them to the risks and challenges involved in personal finance and the tools for effective planning.

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