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Computer Science (2021)

Do you want to know how computers really work and run your software? Do you want to learn how to write applications or improve your programming skills? Do you like solving problems?

Psychology (2021)

Psychology involves delving into the forces that drive and determine human behaviour. You will study some of the most important and interesting research from around the world.

Engineering (2021)

Modern life depends on engineers to develop, support and control the products and systems that are all around us. For example, cars, heart rate monitors and manufacturing and transport systems. To make a contribution as an engineer you must be able to draw on an important range of principles developed by early engineering scientists, such as Newton, Young, Faraday and Ohm.

Philosophy, Ethics & Religion (2021)

Western philosophy includes discussions on the arguments for and against the existence of God, religious experience, the nature of the mind and body and what implications this has for a possible life after death.

Applied Psychology (2021)

This course provides you with a starting basis to the applied psychology sector by focusing on up to date theories about human behaviour and why we act in certain ways.

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