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Environmental Science (2021)

This course is for anyone interested in getting beyond the headlines about environmental issues and discovering the science behind the stories.

Law (2021)

Law provides a means to recognise rights and duties, solve problems and resolve disputes without resorting to violence. Students will cover areas of law regarding this and present legal arguments advising clients on the area of law concerned.

Animal Management (2021)

Our unique animal course enables you to develop a wide range of valuable skills essential for success in a variety of careers with animals.

Land and Wildlife (Countryside) Management (2021)

This course is aimed at those who wish to pursue a career in the land, wildlife and environmental sectors.

Business (2021)

Our Level 2 Business course provides a great introduction to the world of business, examining concepts and ideas and giving you the opportunity to gain practical work experience, helping you to understand how and why businesses operate

Land and Wildlife (Countryside Conservation) (2021)

This is ideal if you are interested in working outdoors in the land-based sector and want to gain the skills required for employment.

Equine Care (2021)

Equine Care will give you the chance to develop a range of employability skills as well as the personal qualities and attitudes essential for a career working with horses.

Media (Production) (2021)

This Media Production course provides an engaging and practical approach to studying film, television and animation. This is a two year program and the equivalent of 3 A-levels. The course is divided into a number of projects that lead to a final major project at the end of each academic year.

Resort Representative (2021)

The Level 2 Award for Resort Representatives provides the skills, knowledge and understanding required to carry out the role of Resort Representative.

Upgrade Study Programme (2021)

The “Upgrade” study programme is perfect for students who have an ambition to progress to L2 study, an Apprenticeship or a job with training but lack the necessary grades.

ICT (2021)

The ICT Extended Certificate provides learners with an introduction into the IT industry. Learners will have the opportunity to build a computer system in our IT hardware lab. They will also investigate how organisations use IT to communicate and understand the different types of IT roles available. Finally, learners will be able to learn about the computer games industry.

Health and Science: Health (Health for Health or Social Care Professionals) (2021)

Are you interested in working in the NHS or social care? This ground-breaking course provides a route into nursing, midwifery, mental health work and social care including working with children and young adults.

Health & Science: Healthcare Science (Healthcare Science for Pharmacy & Health Science Specialists) (2021)

Do you want to work in a hospital or a chemists supporting healthcare professionals? Healthcare Science includes a very wide range of jobs and roles including working in pharmacies or supporting medical teams in variety of fields such as radiography, physiotherapy and audiology.

Health and Science: Science (Science for Laboratory or Food Science Professionals) (2021)

Are you interested in working with science in practical way? Did you know there are technical jobs in everything from chocolate laboratories to cleaning up rivers, bio-chemical analysis, dealing with hazardous materials, and even food development and testing? This T Level is designed to set you on the right path to put your science skills into action. There are so many companies…