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Business Studies (2021)

How can you be sure your product will be popular? How can you improve your company’s reputation? How do you re-structure your business if it means making people redundant? Learn how to deal with the pressures of running businesses of all sizes, from sole traders to being in charge of multinationals like Apple or Coca-Cola.

Computer Science (2021)

Do you want to know how computers really work and run your software? Do you want to learn how to write applications or improve your programming skills? Do you like solving problems?

Graphic Communication (2021)

Graphic communication is everywhere we look, it is on the books we read, the clothes we wear and the food we eat. There is a reason we play that video game or watch that TV show.

Media Studies (2021)

Film, television, radio, the press, advertising and the internet are the media through which ideas, attitudes and information are communicated.

Photography (2021)

This exciting hands-on course offers you the knowledge and skills to become highly inventive in the creation of eye catching, thought provoking imagery.

Sport and Exercise Science (2021)

The Sports and Exercise Science course explores the diverse scientific disciplines in the study of sport from core subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology through to Biomechanics and Pathology of injury rehabilitation.

Journalism (2021)

The news industry has changed rapidly over recent years with advances in online technology allowing the distribution of news to become instant and global. You will learn about journalism for magazines, newspapers and blogs.

IT: Digital Production, Design and Development (2021)

This exciting new course prepares you for a career in software design and development, you will learn the fundamental essentials behind all digital roles and you will develop the specialist skills needed to understand user needs and to design and develop digital systems. Ideal for those who are thinking of becoming a software developer, systems designer, web developer, a game designer and much much more.

IT: Digital Support Services (2021)

This course is perfect for those interested in a career in installing and supporting software and hardware digital systems. You will also learn the fundamental essentials of all digital roles as well as specialising in your 2nd year in areas such as digital infrastructure, network cabling and digital support. Ideal for those thinking of becoming an infrastructure technician, an IT Support technician, a systems security analyst, a network administrator or a cabling technician.

IT: Digital Business Services (2021)

This is the ideal qualification for those who are passionate about utilising IT technology and data intelligence to build Digital Information Systems for Business. As well as learning specialist digital skills in the second year which can take you into a profession such as business analyst, data analyst, marketing and data advisors.

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