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Classical Civilisation (2021)

Classical Civilisations is the original Humanities subject and will appeal to those with an interest in a past that shapes our present in so many ways.

Economics (2021)

If you want to know what society does about high prices, globally powerful firms, a limited choice of goods, underdeveloped countries and poverty, this is the course for you.

Environmental Science (2021)

This course is for anyone interested in getting beyond the headlines about environmental issues and discovering the science behind the stories.

Fine Art (2021)

This course will stimulate and inspire creativity through playful experimentation and exploration of a range of artists work, helping you to generate, develop and refine your own personal ideas through the creation of practical art and written work.

Geography (2021)

You will have the opportunity to explore the key aspects of human and physical geography which shape our world

Law (2021)

Law provides a means to recognise rights and duties, solve problems and resolve disputes without resorting to violence. Students will cover areas of law regarding this and present legal arguments advising clients on the area of law concerned.

Sociology (2021)

Barack Obama recently said: ‘The world has never been healthier, wealthier or less violent'. Despite this, nearly 1 billion people in the world today live in poverty, over 14 million of whom live within the UK. Do you ever wonder why inequality continues to exist in the world? Have you considered how gender, religion, and ethnic background open or close opportunities in your life?

Animal Management (2021)

Our unique animal course enables you to develop a wide range of valuable skills essential for success in a variety of careers with animals.

Land and Wildlife (Countryside) Management (2021)

This course is aimed at those who wish to pursue a career in the land, wildlife and environmental sectors.

Uniformed Services (2021)

This course is designed to meet the needs of students wishing to pursue a career in the uniformed public services (the Armed Forces, Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance, Prisons, HM Revenue and Customs, Border Agency and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency).

Financial Studies (2021)

A comprehensive introduction to personal finance, this course develops the knowledge and skills required for young people to make informed financial decisions by introducing them to the risks and challenges involved in personal finance and the tools for effective planning.

Sport and Physical Activity (2021)

The Sport and Physical Activity course has a wide ranging set of modules that allow students to explore how to teach and the coaching styles needed for wide range of sporting and physical activity settings; from elite level sport to educating primary school children in physical movement, to those completely disengaged in physical activity and sport.

Sport and Exercise Science (2021)

The Sports and Exercise Science course explores the diverse scientific disciplines in the study of sport from core subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology through to Biomechanics and Pathology of injury rehabilitation.

Engineering (2021)

Modern life depends on engineers to develop, support and control the products and systems that are all around us. For example, cars, heart rate monitors and manufacturing and transport systems. To make a contribution as an engineer you must be able to draw on an important range of principles developed by early engineering scientists, such as Newton, Young, Faraday and Ohm.

Childcare & Education (2021)

This course is ideal for those who want to work in a childcare setting such as a nursery, early-years centre, playgroup or creche. Alternately students also may want to work in Primary Education and this qualification would allow them to progress to university.

Resort Representative (2021)

The Level 2 Award for Resort Representatives provides the skills, knowledge and understanding required to carry out the role of Resort Representative.

Event Planning (2021)

This qualification is suitable for learners interested in planning events.

Upgrade Study Programme (2021)

The “Upgrade” study programme is perfect for students who have an ambition to progress to L2 study, an Apprenticeship or a job with training but lack the necessary grades.

Mathematics : Higher (2021)

GCSE Maths Higher is for students who are targeting a grade 5 or higher.

Maths: Core Maths Statistics (2021)

Studying AL Psychology, Biology or Geography and want to go to a Russell Group university...? Why not try L3 Core Maths (Statistical) to help improve your understanding of Statistics - something which will feature in one of these degree courses.

EPQ (Level 3 Extended Project Qualification) (2021)

Are you passionate about a subject or issue that you have not been given the opportunity to explore in your current studies? If the answer is yes then the EPQ is for you!

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