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Information Technology Level 3 Vocational (2020)

The BTEC IT level 3 qualification will provide learners with an exciting opportunity to gain an insight into the IT industry and to study a range of IT disciplines.

Animal Management Level 3 Vocational (2020)

Our unique animal course enables you to develop a wide range of valuable skills essential for success in a variety of careers with animals.

Art and Design Diploma (120 Credit) Level 3 Vocational (2020)

This is an exciting, creative and demanding course offering you a broad base of practical 'making' experiences and skills for personal exploration and creativity.

Business Level 3 Vocational (2020)

Business is everywhere - from your local corner shop to big multinational organisations like Apple and Google. When you start work you will be working in a business of some sort

Land and Wildlife (Countryside) Management Level 3 Vocational (2020)

This course is aimed at those who wish to pursue a career in the land, wildlife and environmental sectors.

Horse Management Level 3 Vocational (2020)

This course is suitable for those with existing knowledge or experience of working with horses.

Public Services (Uniformed) (2020)

This course is designed to meet the needs of students wishing to pursue a career in the uniformed public services (the Armed Forces, Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance, Prisons, HM Revenue and Customs, Border Agency and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency).

Travel and Tourism with Hospitality & Event Management Level 3 Vocational (2020)

So you would like to work in the hospitality, tourism or event industry and possibly travel the world? By studying these industries you will gain an in-depth knowledge of the organisations involved and how they work together.

Health and Social Care Level 3 Vocational (2020)

This course prepares students to work in the NHS or other healthcare providers.

Music Technology (2020)

Develop your music technology and production skills using industry standard equipment, work on projects based on realistic workplace situations, learn to sequence, record, produce and compose with technology.

Financial Studies Level 3 Vocational (2020)

A comprehensive introduction to personal finance, this course develops the knowledge and skills required for young people to make informed financial decisions by introducing them to the risks and challenges involved in personal finance and the tools for effective planning.

OCR Sport and Physical Activity ( Level 3 Vocational Extended Diploma) (2020)

The Sports Development course has a wide ranging set of modules that allow students to explore how to teach and the coaching styles needed for wide range of sporting and physical activity settings; from elite level sport to educating primary school children in physical movement, to those completely disengaged in physical activity and sport

Sport and Exercise Science BTEC level 3 Vocational (2020)

The Sports and Exercise Science course explores the diverse scientific disciplines in the study of sport from core subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology through to Biomechanics and Pathology of injury rehabilitation.

Engineering Level 3 Vocational (2020)

Modern life depends on engineers to develop, support and control the products and systems that are all around us. For example, cars, heart rate monitors and manufacturing and transport systems. To make a contribution as an engineer you must be able to draw on an important range of principles developed by early engineering scientists, such as Newton, Young, Faraday and Ohm.

Animal Management Level 2 Vocational (2020)

This wide ranging and active course will give you the chance to work with and study a variety of animals, in both practical and classroom settings.

Business Level 2 Vocational (2020)

Our level 2 Business course provides a great introduction to the world of business, examining concepts and ideas and giving you the opportunity to gain practical work experience, helping you to understand how and why businesses operate

Land and Wildlife (Countryside Conservation) Level 2 Vocational (2020)

This is ideal if you are interested in working outdoors in the land-based sector and want to gain the skills required for employment.

Military Preparation Course (MPC) Uniformed Public Services Level 2 Vocational (2020)

This is an active and engaging one year course which provides a firm foundation for students interested in pursuing a career in the Military (Army, Navy and Air Force).

Sport Level 2 Vocational (2020)

This course covers a wide variety of aspects related to the Sport, Exercise and Health industry. Preparing students to move onto level 3 study, or into the work place.

Travel and Tourism Level 3 Vocational (2020)

Travel and tourism is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing industries in the world. By studying the Travel and Tourism course you will gain an in-depth knowledge of the organisations involved and how they work together

Horse & Farm Management Level 2 Vocational (2020)

Horse & Farm Management will give you the chance to develop a range of employability skills as well as the personal qualities and attitudes essential for a career working with horses and/or other large animals.

Music Performance Level 3 Vocational (2020)

This course is aimed at singers, guitarists, drummers and bass players and focuses on pop, rock and jazz, music performance and the music industry.

Media (Production) Level 3 Vocational (2020)

This Media Production course provides an exciting approach to Digital TV, Film and Print production combining academic study, practical skills and understanding professional practice

Performing Arts Level 3 Vocational (2020)

The Performing Arts course has a proven track record of getting young people into Drama School.

Health and Social Care Level 2 Vocational (2020)

If you are interested in caring for people as a career, then Health and Social Care be for you

Upgrade Study Programme Level 1 (2020)

The “Upgrade” study programme is perfect for students who have an ambition to progress to L2 study, an Apprenticeship or a job with training but lack the necessary grades.

Media (Digital) Level 3 Vocational (2020)

You will use a variety of digital print programs such as Photoshop and In-Design. as well as develop your creativity as both a cinematographer and as a sound and video editor.

ICT Level 2 Vocational (2020)

The ICT Extended Certificate will involve using spreadsheets to analyse and interpret data, and either learning to build a website using Dreamweaver or learning about how computers are built. Expected progression routes from this course are to a Level 3 course in either ICT, to employment or to an apprenticeship.

Criminology (2020)

Criminology takes a social sciences approach to the study of crime as an individual and social phenomenon; this includes the incidence and forms of crime, as well as its causes and consequences.

Applied Psychology (2020)

This course provides you with a starting basis to the applied psychology sector by focusing on up to date theories about human behaviour and why we act in certain ways.

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Level 3 Vocational (2020)

This course is designed for learners who are interested in learning about enterprise and entrepreneurship alongside their other fields of study, with a view to progressing to a wide range of higher education courses.

Applied Human Biology Level 3 Vocational (2020)

Are you fascinated by how the human body works? Do you want to learn more about this incredible machine? If so our exciting new Applied Human Biology course is perfect for you!

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