Coming to college

Cirencester Sixth Form College offers young people an outstanding learning environment that provides them with opportunities to develop as individuals and achieve and exceed their expectations. Everyone is known by his or her first name at College. We don’t have a uniform or school bells, but we do have an adult environment where you pursue a combination of courses from our extensive range.

The College is renowned for its rural setting and green fields, which is where you will find our students relaxing on a sunny day. There are plenty of social areas around the campus where students have the opportunity to relax. Students can access free Wi-Fi from their own devices anywhere on site.

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Preparing you for life in modern Britain

Individual Liberty

  • Students are free to think as they see fit.
  • Students have the freedom to make choices that affect them.
  • Students recognise they are accountable for their actions.


  • Students can influence the way the College runs through student voice, Students’ Union, representatives on committees and by talking to staff.
  • Students can freely influence their lessons by engaging with learning, responding to ideas and challenging thinking.

Rule of Law

  • Students understand College rules are used to mirror society laws and must be respected.
  • Students recognise the consequences of their actions.


  • Students recognise that it is unacceptable to dismiss the beliefs and opinions of others.
  • Students understand that discussions about sensitive issues will be respectful and structured.
  • Students listen to others as they would like to be listened to.
  • Students recognise that tolerance and inclusion of a broad cultural range is enriching to our environment, and that this tolerance is one of the key features that makes British values so strong.
  • Students recognise that everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it does not promote extremism.
  • Students recognise that everyone is entitled to a voice in the classroom.