As well as being a powerful classroom tool, debating is a fun and enrichment activity.

A debating society is the perfect way to focus interest in debating and can play a leading part in the college culture. Its is a great way to focus interest in debating in a school and is beneficial for critical and creative thinking abilities. Debate a wide range of topics from current events, to  superheroes.

Cirencester Sixth Form College is committed to enriching all students’ experiences, to give you many opportunities to extend your learning and to stretch and challenge you at every level. The Debating Society encompasses all of this and more, giving everyone the chance to research, structure and argue contemporary issues.

The Debating Society gives you the chance to develop your employability skills, socialise with other of the same interest and enter the national competition, ‘Debating Matters’. In 2016/17, Cirencester College were winners of the Central Regional Finals and competed in the National Finals in London. The Debating Society came joint 5th in London with intention of returning next year to progress even further.

Most fundamentally, it gives you the platform to consider issues of today’s society, and to be heard – giving you a voice. This is so important. Without our young adults solving and challenging political and social issues, especially at this critical junction we find ourselves in, then the next leaders of the UK will find themselves in a difficult place.

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