The Football Academy concept was initiated to provide full-time football coaching in conjunction with full-time education.  This model set the benchmark that numerous colleges have followed and we gained the coveted National Training Award in 1999.

Players are selected for the Academy on the basis of their football ability.  The Academy programme has a rigorous daily individual and team training regime.  Players will be assessed and developed through individual fitness, diet and nutrition.  Alongside the football you will have a programme of study which can be academic or vocational eg A-levels or Extended National Diplomas.

To apply to the Football Academy please use the link below to submit a full appilcation to the college.

There are two boys teams who play in:

  • 1st team – AOC West Midlands Category 2 Premier League
  • 2nd Team – AOC West Midlands Category 2
  • Cup competitions (ESFA Colleges’ Trophy, English Colleges’ Cup)

Some of our Academy students are currently in:

  • Football refereeing
  • Further and Higher Education
  • Full-time work in sports and/or leisure related areas
  • Careers in professional football and semi-professional football
  • Careers in professional football and semi-professional football
  • Football coaching

Girls Football Academy

The Girls Football Academy enjoy the same excellent training and coaching as the boys teams.  Meeting twice a week for training and playing in the BCS Cat 3 Women’s’ League for matches on Wednesday afternoons.  The team is open to female students from across the College from all programmes of study and your training will be fit into your timetable along with your lessons.