What does being an ambassador involve?

Cirencester College student ambassadors contribute in a supportive capacity at a variety of College events throughout the whole year. These can range from assisting on:

Guided Tours of campus

Supporting at Parents evenings

Choices Days events


Enrolment and Admissions Days

Taking part in presentations

Talks and workshop sessions in secondary schools

I’m interested, but haven’t been involved with anything like this before.

There is no specific recruitment criteria to become an ambassador, though the general qualities we look for in our ambassadors are a willingness to chat with prospective students and their families and to share their personal positive experiences of being a student. Our ambassadors are drawn from across the curriculum areas and year groups.

How does this fit in with my study programme?

We appreciate how busy students are with commitments on top of your study programme. With this in mind you can select which areas of participation you are most interested in so that the role fits around a student’s study programme.

The Ambassador Awards

The criteria set for Bronze level, are that a student has participated in at least two student ambassador gatherings and three different types of events. The Silver level, is achieved when an ambassador has fulfilled the Bronze level criteria and in addition has taken on the role of a Peer Mentor and participated in three school mentoring events. The Gold level is achieved when the Silver criteria have been met and an ambassador training role has been developed to support fellow student ambassadors in their participation and skills development. During their time as an ambassador, an award might be achieved at a Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

How does this help me?

The College Ambassador Awards Scheme providing an opportunity to self-assess skills and comment on personal development that is advantageous when submitting university, apprenticeship and employment applications. This skills mapping, enables active and effective student ambassadors to achieve an award in recognition of the range of activities they have effectively participated in and the level of skills they have demonstrated or acquired whilst doing so.


In the 2016 2017 academic year there were 65 registered ambassadors with 40 of these frequently active. In this first year of the Ambassador Awards programme, by the spring term, 25 students were identified as having met the criteria for skills mapping at Bronze level. Of these, 21 student ambassadors successfully completed their skills mapping to be awarded their Bronze level of achievement at an awards event where presentations were made by Libby Read, Vice Principle.

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