In the classroom

We have 15 Mac Mini and 3 x iMac computers for student use. They all run the latest operating system and have Pro Tools and Logic X industry-standard recording software installed. The newest Mac Mini computers also have Ableton Live sequencing software for use in live performance and sampling sessions.

Students use these computers to create, edit, and mix their own music recordings both in lessons and outside of their timetabled sessions in their own time throughout the college day. Myself or Rob are usually on-hand to help out if it is outside of a timetabled lesson.

In the Music Studio

Practice Space

We have two practice spaces kitted out with full drum kit, bass amp, guitar amps, keyboard, and vocal mics and PA system to be used for band rehearsals. These are primarily used during Music Performance lessons for students to practice their course pieces but can also be used by students during certain enrichment times (e.g. Rock Guitar on a Wednesday afternoon). Music students can also book a slot to rehearse their own bands outside of lessons by arranging a free slot with myself or Rob.

Live Room

We have the Live Room, which also has the same band equipment (including a very nice vintage Marshall guitar amp) and can be used as another practice space during Performance lessons. In addition this is all set up to be recorded during Music Technology lessons via the control room, which has a Mac Pro running industry-standard Pro Tools HD hardware and software alongside an Allen & Heath GSR-24M mixing desk. We have a wide range of microphones for use including Rode K2, a pair of Rode NT2000s, a pair of AKG C1000S, AKG D112, various Shure SM57s and SM58s, and an SE Electronics SE-X1R ribbon mic. Students use the recording studio to produce their coursework recordings both in lessons and in their free time with help from myself or Rob.

Mixing Room

Finally we have the new  Mixing Room, which is a small facility featuring a Mac Mini running Pro Tools and Logic X, through a set of high-quality Adam studio monitors. Music Tech students can use this room to mix and check their work.