Travelling To College

Travel by coach

Cirencester College are pleased to announce some exciting changes to our coach routes from September 2019.

Gloucestershire (with the exception of Fairford, Lechlade and Kempsford) will be operated with new bus routes from Stagecoach.

All areas will still be covered, as before, although a few stops may be slightly different.

Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Fairford, Lechlade and Kempsford in Gloucestershire will continue to be covered with subsidised routes by the College.

Applying for Financial Assistance?

If you are planning to apply for financial assistance for one of the Stagecoach College routes in Gloucestershire (with the exception of Fairford, Kempsford & Lechlade), please wait until your application has been processed before making any payment. We will purchase the Academic Year Megarider on your behalf once you your application has been approved and we have received your discounted payment.

If you are planning to apply for financial assistance for one of the College coach routes in Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and only Fairford, Kempsford & Lechlade in Glos, you will need to purchase at least the Autumn Half Term pass by 30th June in order to guarantee a seat. If you are successful with your funding application, there may be a balance to pay depending on which funding level you are approved for, and this can be paid once your application has been processed.

If you have a query please contact Rosa Hallett on 01285 626147


For those of you who are drivers, the College has its own on site car park. As the College has limited spaces drivers must purchase a parking permit from Student Journey cashier hatch or through our online payment system (Wisepay).

In order to increase road safety awareness of our young drivers, the College requires all students to
complete the Drive IQ assessment before they can use the College car park. This is a free online assessment (best done on desktop & laptop rather than mobile and tablet) and details can be found at


Once you have completed the course you will need to present your certificate to the Student Journey cashier or email in order to activate your Student ID card.
(If you do not complete this, regardless of payment, it will unfortunately result in you being unable to park).

Car Park


Car Park

Autumn Term

Car Park

Spring Term

Car Park

Summer Term

Daily tokens at £2 per token are mainly available during the exam period but may also be purchased at an earlier date depending upon availability and compliance. To be compliant, any cars would need to be registered before a daily token is sold and students would need to have passed both their driving and Drive IQ tests.