T-levels at Cirencester College in 2020

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Cirencester College are at the forefront of the roll out of the new T-level qualifications starting in 2020 and are the nearest provider of T-levels for the Gloucestershire, Swindon, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire area in 2020.

T-levels are ground-breaking new qualifications and really do take you to the next level with a large and valuable work placement and two years of quality teaching, wrapped up with a range of skills.  T-levels provide a 3 A-level equivalent qualification that will be the new industry standard and the envy of all others.

T-levels are designed in the closest partnership with employers we’ve ever seen, these T-level qualifications will take you to the heart of your career choice and offer a superb springboard for your future. T-levels take it to the next level!

To find out more about T-levels, visit www.gov.uk/dfe/t-levels

What is a T-level?

T-levels are built around a core set of underpinning knowledge, concepts and skills, tailored for each chosen industry and occupation. T-levels also have specialist content covering occupational or industry specific skills, and then an industry placement with an employer which will last for a minimum of 45 working days. T-levels give you quality theory and valuable experience, all wrapped up in a new gold standard of education.

There are three qualifications in the first release of T-levels:


Not quite ready yet to take a T-level? Our Yet-T programme will set you up with a host of excellent skills and neat approaches to work that will put you in a great position to apply for a T-level. You’ll also get the chance to get those GCSE English and Maths grades you need if you haven’t already attained them, wrapped up in a valuable and relevant training package. The Yet-T programme: how to take it to the next level.