Foundation Degrees were introduced to encourage more people into higher education. Some are based around existing employment while others are focussed on equipping students with the knowledge and skills to get into specific areas of the job market. Cirencester College is forming part of a pattern seen across the country with students increasingly likely to choose to study locally for all or part of their HE programmes. The most common option is to do a foundation degree for 2 years at a local college and then progress onto the 3rd year of a degree programme at a linked university.

You will receive university level tuition from lecturers at Cirencester College and, in some cases, also from the partnership universities. This combination provides you with top quality tuition as well as allowing you to enjoy the benefits of being a member of both Cirencester College and your partner HEI. Not only will you be able to access resources at both institutions but you will also be entitled to membership of both Student Unions and therefore social events and activities.