Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Level 3 Certificate


This is an exciting one year course which offers an introduction to the business sector through applied and practical learning. The course focuses on key elements of business such as entrepreneurial skills, marketing and how to set up a small business. You will get a clear introduction to what it is like to run a business and why people choose to be entrepreneurs.

What will I study in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Level 3 Certificate?

You will study two units:

Unit 1: Enterprise and Entrepreneurs - You will research a range of different businesses including how they operate and what makes them successful. You will also look at what motivates Entrepreneurs as well as the characteristics that they possess and the skills that are required to be successful.

Unit 2: Developing a Marketing Campaign- You will learn how to develop and promote a successful marketing campaign. This will include different types of campaigns and the elements that make them successful.

Entry Requirements

At least five GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including three from the basket subjects.

How will I learn?

You will learn through a mix of:

  • Case studies
  • Class discussion
  • Guest speakers
  • Trips to businesses

Learning will be applied and contextualised to specific business and business ideas for that real life learning experience.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed through a mixture of coursework and controlled assessment.

There are 2 assessments that need to be completed for Unit 1. One of these is a written report to aid writing skills and researching, which is key for any successful entrepreneur. The other is a presentation that helps learners develop the skills and confidence needed to present to an audience.

For Unit 2 there is a synoptic assessment which happens at the end of the course. Before the exam, learners are given market data and business information about a specific business. Knowledge is then applied to the situation in exam conditions.

Any trips?

There will be opportunities to visit a range of businesses to learn how they have become successful as well as develop an understanding of what is involved with running a successful organisation.

Are there any costs involved?

There may be small costs linked to course booklets and stationery as expected for any course. In addition to this, there will be offers of trips that will be payable on wise pay as and when they are offered.


What courses can I study alongside this.?

As this is a one year course you can study this alongside 2 other A levels or you can study another vocational qualification alongside the course.

This course may also be suited to learners that may have slightly lower entry requirements and need to resit either their Maths or English.

How am I graded on the course?

Each of the assessments will be marked with a Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Unit 1 (Report and presentation) will be marked internally. If students do not quite reach the required grade on their first attempt they will get the opportunity to amend and hand it back in. You will need to get consistent marks for the assessments to reach the overall grade for the unit. 2 Examples below.

Report - Merit                                                               Report - Pass

Presentation - Merit                                                     Presentation - Merit

Unit Grade - Merit                                                        Unit Grade - Pass

Unit 2 (Synoptic) Will be marked externally and results will be released in August. You will be awarded a Pass, Merit or Distinction for this.

A Distinction in both units will result in a Distinction star overall for the course which is the equivalent of 28 UCAS points.

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What can I do after I have taken this course?

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