Financial Studies Level 3 Certificate/Diploma


Do you want to be a millionaire? Well we can’t guarantee that but we can help you become financially savvy. Ever wondered why you have run out of money? We can help you to budget and create financial plans for all your life events. We will help you pick up hints and tips on how to be financially sustainable? We will look at different areas of the financial industry and give you a broad understanding of how to manage your money and avoid debt.

What will I study in Financial Studies Level 3 Certificate/Diploma?


Unit 1: Financial Capability for the Immediate and Short term

  • Purpose of money
  • The personal life cycle
  • Payment methods
  • Everyday banking
  • Savings products
  • Borrowing products
  • Providers
  • Consumer protection
  • Budgets and forecasts
  • Dealing with unexpected events
  • Dealing with debt
  • Earnings

Unit 2: Financial Capability for the Medium and Long Term

  • Needs, wants and aspirations
  • Savings and investment products
  • Borrowing products
  • Dealing with long-term risks
  • Financial planning
  • Financial planning and informed choices
  • Dealing with unforeseen events
  • Ethics and sustainability
  • Sources of information and advice
  • Making and informed choice

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You must complete the certificate in year 1 before you are able to complete the diploma in year 2

Unit 3: Sustainability of an Individual's Finances

  • Personal financial sustainability
  • How the state can help
  • The impact of external factors
  • Monitoring and adapting personal financial plans
  • Good debt, bad debt
  • The impact of global events and ethics
  • The impact of recent changes

Unit 4: Sustainability of the Financial Services System

  • The financial system
  • Competition in the financial services sector
  • Sustainability in the financial services sector
  • The impact of the media on the sustainability of the financial services industry
  • External influences on financial services providers and their products
  • The impact of change and uncertainty on financial products
  • Marketing materials and their effectiveness
  • Attracting, retaining and satisfying customers
  • Market segmentation and product development




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How will I learn?

LIBF supply a course book which is essential to your learning. You will participate in group activities and presentations. You will be required to do pre-lesson reading on a regular basis

How will I be assessed?

Each unit has two exams one being 35 marks online multiple choice and the second is 65 marks based on pre-released case study

The exams take place in January with the opportunity to re-sit in March and May with the opportunity to re-sit in June

Any trips?

We offer the opportunity to go to London and see the financial district and visit the Bank of England museum.

We have also visited the Royal Mint so see how money is produced


What types of careers to student go in to?

Many are interested in working in the finance industry, however this course relates to personal finance.

How will this course help me in the future?

I passionately believe that everyone should study personal finance as it covers so many useful topics that will help you be financially sustainable in the future.

Do I need to be good at mathematics?

No: there is very little maths in the course it is more about making the right choice

Awarding Body

The London Institute of Banking and Finance

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Level 3 Certificate
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[56 UCAS pts. available]

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What can I do after I have taken this course?

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