Looking to start your career but are lacking the work experience required to get a job … then why not try a Traineeship with us.
The course will run from 6 weeks to six months depending on how quickly you progress.

Why should i complete a traineeship?

  • A Traineeship will get you ready to compete for an Apprenticeship or job.
  • The job market is fierce – completing a Traineeship will give you the chance to gain skills that employers are looking for, putting you ahead of the competition.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to build your CV and gain vital experience with employers.
  • Improving your English, Maths during your Traineeship will boost your chances of getting a job, as well as improving your long term prospects.
  • You could also gain your Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award which is recognised by employers and could give you an advantage over other candidates when applying for a job.
  • By completing your Traineeship, you will receive a nationally recognised qualification which will look great on your CV.  This could be a Level 1 Award in Employability Skills.

What are traineeships?

Traineeships give you work place skills and allow you to have a real employment experience in preparation for applying for an Apprenticeship or job.  Employers are encouraged to offer travel and meal subsidies to trainees.

How do i apply?

Contact us today to find out more on how you could be successful in securing yourself a Traineeship.
You can call 01285 640994 or email traineeships@cirencester.ac.uk


You’re 3 steps away from starting your career
The programme contains three elements:

1. Work Preparation
The Traineeship programme develops work skills such as time management, personal development, team working, communication skills, job search techniques, CV writing and, where necessary, improves Maths and English.

2. Work Placement
You’ll be with a real employer gaining real experience.  You will be exposed to different aspects of the business which will open your eyes to how a business really works and how you can have an impact.
3. Business Sector Knowledge
As a trainee you will work alongside employees within the organisation to develop skills and gain a better understanding of what employers look for when hiring staff. This will become useful as you will undergo an exit interview to take place on completion of the Traineeship.

Should the offer of an interview for a job or apprenticeship arise within the organisation, this experience will be invaluable.

These three simple steps could be the key to your career!

What happens after my traineeships?

By completing your Traineeship, you will have the skills to support you in finding an Apprenticeship or a suitable job opportunity.  At the end of the work experience placement, you will be given an exit interview.  You will also be offered the opportunity to continue improving your Maths and English skills.