Equine Care Level 2 Certificate


The horse industry has a range of diverse and exciting career opportunities. Studying equine care at Cirencester College will give you the skills and qualifications to enable you to pursue a career that is exciting and fulfilling. You will study all aspects of husbandry, typical subjects include: equine health, stable skills, tack and equipment, nutrition and feeding, equine biology, anatomy and physiology.

What will I study in Equine Care Level 2 Certificate?

The course is a transitional program that will enable you to continue to improve your maths and English for progressing onto a level 3 provision should you wish to.

A large element of the course is based around work skills which will prepare you for the world of work.

You will study all aspects of Equine Husbandry, typical subject covered are :

Equine Health

Stable Skills

Tack and Equipment

Working Horses From the Ground

Nutrition and Feeding.

Equine Biology and Anatomy and Physiology.

Entry Requirements

Minimum of 3 GCSEs at Grade 3 or higher

How will I learn?

This is a transitional programme, designed to raise your literacy and numeracy skills. In addition, you will learn to work with a variety of species in our animal centre. Work experience is an important aspect of this qualification, and your placement will be held at the College yard. We have a range of units that are taught but our core units include:

  • Equine Health
  • Stable Skills
  • Tack and Equipment
  • Nutrition and Feeding.
  • Equine Biology

How will I be assessed?

The Equine part of your level 2 course will be assessed by practical observation and course work.

Any trips?

Outside of Covid times we go on a number of trips.  Examples of which are:

- Cheltenham races

- Horse of the Year Show

- The London Horse Show (Olympia).

- Badminton

- Lambourn

Are there any costs involved?

You should expect some small costs for course booklets and stationary.

Some trips will have a cost attached to them but where they do, they are optional.


How will I get to the yard?

You will arrive at College via your usual transport and then you will be taken free of charge to the yard via minibus.

Will I need any equipment?

You will need to supply pens, paper and a usb stick.

You will also need to have weather appropriate clothing as we work out on the yard regardless of the weather.

You will also need some PPE - appropriate yard boots, Wellingtons will suffice, and a riding Hat that is up to British Safety Standards and a pair of gloves.

Will I be able to progress onto the level 3 course?

You will be able to access the level 3 course if you meet the entry requirements after completion of your level 2 provision.

Do I need previous horse experience?

Whilst having previous experience will be useful it is not necessary.  However, you should have a strong interest in horses and the equine industry.

Do I need to have my own horse?

No.  Some learners may have their own horse but many others will not.

Are there horses on college site?

Cirencester College does not have horses on site here in Cirencester, but they have sole use of a professional yard owned by one of the lecturers about 20 minutes from Cirencester.

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What can I do after I have taken this course?

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