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What Will I Study?

The course is made up of two modules

Unit 1 Planning an Event. The aim of this unit is to examine the events industry, the types of events organised by its main sectors and the role of the event planner/coordinator.

Unit 2 Event Review and Evaluation. The aim of this unit is for learners to consider why events are evaluated and the benefits evaluation will bring. Objective setting and the sources of evaluation that enable the evaluation of events will be examined. The final assignment will be to produce an evaluation plan for a chosen event.


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Students will have the chance to produce a plan for their own event on paper, learning the different features and characteristics that make up a successful event.

There will be a chance to participate in community events, both in and outside college, in order to build up the students experience.

Assessment is through a variety of methods including assignments and observations. Students will develop knowledge related to the nature of the event industry and knowledge required to plan a small scale event. There will be an opportunity for learners to plan, organise, run and evaluate a small scale event.

Progression can lead to L3 Hospitality or Travel qualifications and can be useful to support a UCAS application to study Event Planning.


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The course will be taught over a double lesson and you will be expected to complete some assignments and research in your free time.

There will be chances for students to attend lectures by guest speakers and attend trips relevant to the course. There will be a small charge for trips.


Adam Michael

Hospitality has helped me and my confidence greatly through college as I have started up my own small business making Italian ice cream in Stroud and selling at numerous events; hospitality has given me the chance to see how a business is put together and managed.  

September 22, 2017