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What Will I Study?

It is a government requirement that any student who attained a grade 3 in GCSE Maths at school must study GCSE Maths until they attain at least a grade 4 ("a standard pass"), which is equivalent to the old grade C.
We use the Edexcel syllabus and all students who attained a grade 3 at school will study the Foundation level specification, which gives students access to grade 5 (a "good pass").
Since this is a revision course, we cover the content quickly, finishing the full content in one year.
For students who demonstrate that they are almost ready to sit the exam when they arrive in September, there is the opportunity to enter for the November exam.

It will all be familiar from school!

Number, Algebra, Geometry, Data.

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When learning Maths, you need to do lots of practice questions to help embed the techniques and concepts, so this is what we do in lessons.

We have a series of workbooks, which take you through the course.

We use mixed questions at the start of lessons to help you remember a variety of previously learnt skills.

3 exams at the end of the course:  1 Non-Calculator paper;  2 Calculator papers.

GCSE Mathematics is essential for many jobs and careers. It is also a requirement for many higher education courses.

You are expected to have a geometry set (ruler, protractor, compasses) as well as a pen, pencil and eraser. 

You are also expected to have a scientific calculator such as the Casio FX 83.

Grade 3 in GCSE Maths

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The grades available at foundation level are 1 to 5.

Grade 4 is what is required by many employers and university courses.

There is a Higher GCSE Mathematics course you can study if you have already attained at least a grade 4 but hope to gain a higher grade.