Which courses are right for me?

What are the differences between our courses?

AS and A-Levels

  • I prefer exams to coursework
  • I like learning about theories, ideas and facts
  • I want to study 3 or 4 subjects in depth
  • I’m good at revising
  • I want to keep my options open for employment, university or higher level apprenticeships

Vocational Courses

  • I prefer coursework to exams
  • I want to study topics that will directly relate to a specific career I have in mind
  • I want to keep the option of going to university open
  • I want the opportunity of work experience that will help to start your career


  • I’m ready to start the career I’m interested in now
  • I want the experience of studying whilst working
  • I want to gain career specific qualifications
  • I want to start earning money