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Apprenticeships are a proven way of helping businesses to develop an efficient and skilled workforce.  They help you to bring new talent in to your business, or to develop existing members of staff, and are a positive way for businesses to approach succession planning and ‘future-proofing’ for skills gaps.

They make use of a blend of on and off the job training that provides individuals with the skills they need for their chosen career, whilst also meeting national occupational standards.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality apprenticeship programmes across a breadth of sectors and levels, and have a long history of working to support our local and wider economy.

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Apprenticeship Case Study – Publica

Amy Kent, Anna-Sian Higgs and Grace Mansell all completed a Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship at Publica in Cirencester.

When asked to describe why they enjoy their roles within Publica, all apprentices spoke about the variety of jobs that they can be carrying out in an average day.

“We can go from being on the phones to completing individual projects within a department.” Says Anna-Sian. “An apprenticeship may seem intimidating at the time however it is definitely worth it as it offers so many opportunities.”

“Apprentices provide a fresh perspective at a time where we are working to improve the services we provide to local residents,” says Rachel McQuilliam, on behalf of Publica. “The schemes enable individuals to gain qualifications and earn at the same time which benefits both Publica and those completing the qualification.”

Apprenticeship Case Study – A Productions

Kheamah Powell completed a Junior Content Producer apprenticeship with A Productions in 2020, and has since been kept on full time, and been promoted to Production Coordinator.

When asked to describe what she enjoyed about her apprenticeship role, Kheamah said “I learned skills in time management and organisation, as well as gaining knowledge of the animation industry in a hands on manner. An apprenticeship is a great way to learn new skills and be supported with regular check ins, especially if it is your first full time job like mine was.”

“The apprenticeship scheme run by Cirencester College has been a very positive experience for A Productions” says Imogen Denith, Kheamah’s manager at A Productions, “It has helped us find and nurture talent in a way that may not have been possible through other routes. It has also been beneficial for us as a company to provide specific on-the-job training that allows us to tailor skills to the particular needs of a production. Kheamah is a much-valued member of the team and the experience she gained as part of her apprenticeship has played a big part in her career progression”

Kheamah Powell Apprenticeship

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