T Levels for Employers

T Levels – a new generation of qualification, a new workforce generation

T Levels are the new technical-based qualifications which have been developed in collaboration with employers and businesses.  They are a new style of qualification designed to meet the needs of industry and that prepare students for work or further training or study in a specific sector.

Cirencester College has been at the forefront of delivering these new ‘Gold Standard’ qualifications since they launched in 2020.

How do they work?

Students here at college will study the level 3 T Level for two-years.  The focus is very much on developing vocational skills, knowledge and behaviours for a particular sector and future career.

To pass the T Level all students must pass the technical elements (eg: exams, formal assessments) AND must successfully complete an industry placement and be able to demonstrate they have made sufficient progress in the workplace.

The Industry Placement

Each T Level includes an in-depth industry placement that lasts at least 315 hours/45 days. Students get valuable experience in the workplace, the chance to develop appropriate skills and behaviours and are able to put their technical skills to the test in a real work environment.

The industry placement is a critical element of our T-Level delivery.

Why offer a placement?

Whilst we appreciate that hosting a T Level placement student may take time and energy, there are a number of benefits for employers:

  • you get early sight of the emerging talent in your industry, and have a pipeline of new recruits on tap.
  • Your business will benefit from a young person bringing new ideas, interests and skills to the workplace
  • You get some ‘brand’ recognition and promotion by supporting a young person from your local community
  • It could help to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets
  • It could help you to recruit a future apprentice or employee – with no direct recruitment costs.
  • It will help to promote your industry – introducing young people to your industry can positively influence them to pursue a long-term career, and can help to keep the talent within our local economy
  • Offering an industry placement can help with staff development: helping to develop the mentoring and supervisory skills of staff
  • If you have apprentices on day release, you could host a T Level placement on that day to help with resource allocation and staffing levels

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