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What Will I Study?

The course aims to equip students with key skills for entry into the military, such as an understanding of discipline, students will be issued uniform and expected to wear and maintain throughout the 16 weeks of their course.  They will also look at the fitness requirements and get themselves in a position ready for entry into the military.

The Royal Wessex Yeomanry in Cirencester, an armoured reserve regiment who operate Challenger 2 main battle tanks, support the Military Preparation Course at Cirencester College and will offer every student who successfully completes the Military Preparation Course at Cirencester College, an interview for reserve employment.  In addition, Cirencester College and The Royal Wessex Yeomanry can prepare and advise students on application for full time regular service.

More Info

There is a fee of £100. Your course fees cover the cost of all adventurous/career trips and activities, transport, insurance, instructors and some equipment hire when required.

You will also be provided with a course uniform that is mandatory for use throughout the course. There is a £50 Refundable deposit for the uniform.

Currently, there are no exams on the NCFE Level 2 Diploma for entry to the Uniformed Services. All units are assessed individually via written assignments and practical scenarios which are set throughout the year. You may be required to meet the standards of other awarding bodies in relation to practical skill assessments and exams.

The course is designed to meet the needs of students wishing to pursue a career in one of the Military Public Services – The Army, Navy, Royal Air Force and Marines.

You will normally combine the course with other Maths and English Qualifications dependent on GCSE grade, work experience and enrichment opportunities to enable you to tailor your studies to meet your needs. Depending on your final grades and Maths and English results, you may wish to progress to one of the Level 3 vocational courses we offer across the College.

At the end of your course you will have a recognised qualification which will be an advantage when applying for a position in the Public Services or other careers as the skills you learn are transferable to many other employment opportunities. These could include:

  • Armed Forces – Army, RAF, Navy & Royal Marines
  • Emergency Services – Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance Service
  • HM Revenue and Customs
  • Prison and Security Services
  • Border Agency
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • Outdoor Instructor
  • And many more….

The course does involve Trips


Army work experiance

Naru Training

Public order training

Roayal Wessex Yeomanry


£100 Trip fees these are mandatory

£50 refundable deposit on return of uniform

Students are required to buy there own boots

·       Mainly grade 3s at GCSE

·       NVQ level 1 or First Diploma

or you are:

·       Pre 16

·       Home educated

Key Facts

Offered As

L2 Dip

Awarding Body


not for the main Course as you will be assessed through practical and written assignments through-out the year.


you may need to sit exams for Maths and E$nglish if you require those Qualifications

Yes, trips are compulsory as they form part of your practical assessment.

To a certain extent yes, you will be required to take part in physical and adventurous activities. The course is designed to ensure you have time to develop your fitness levels in preparation for joining your preferred Public Service. You will also be able to seek advice on training from fully qualified staff.

No. The course has been and is becoming increasingly more popular among female students especially as more trades within the public services are open to females.

Yes all students on this course are required to wear the uniform while in lessons at the college.

Progression and Career Opportunities

45% found employment

For the year 2020 the Government have set strict recruitment targets for all Military services

Currently none of the military wings are meeting these requirements which means that jobs are plentiful, and as long as you can meet the medical, fitness and basic requirements for the job then a career in one of these services should be easy to walk into.    

Interested in starting in January 2019?
Please register your interest by Friday 11th January 2019

Please click the button below and fill in the form, one of our team will be intouch to guide you through the next stages of the process.