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What Will I Study?

A Level Music Technology is aimed at people who have a general interest in recording, producing music and/or possess competent instrumental skills.  This course could be the first step to working in a recording studio or lead a student to study related courses at university.

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This is a 2-year Linear A level – You will be timetabled for 4 hours 30 minutes per week for this course alone.  You may have to use the recording facilities in your own time to complete assignments.  During the timetabled hours you will attend lectures and demonstrations on recording/production and sequencing techniques.  You will complete warm-up assignments and practice tasks to familiarise yourself with the skills and techniques and then be assessed via coursework and exam in the second year.

  • Coursework & exam

Music degrees can be studied at a university or at a music college. They can vary from Music Production to Creative Composition and ultimately can lead to working in studios, recording own music or working for recording studios, DJing, teaching and so on.

Playing an instrument or singing will help your studies.

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A Level

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No, but if you can play or sing it will help your studies.

Although there is a written exam, A Level Music Technology is generally a practical, work related course. You will develop your skills using computer software and the recording studio to produce work to an industry-standard quality. The exam questions are based upon your practical abilities and knowledge.

The college has a well-resourced music department.  There is a fully equipped recording studio and Mac suite running Pro Tools and Logic X production software.

The recording studio boasts an industry standard Pro Tools HD rig and Allen & Heath GSR24M analogue mixing desk. There are also a variety of high quality condenser, ribbon, and dynamic microphones and outboard processers.

A pair of headphones is recommended. E.g. Sony MDR7506 are professional headphones at a reasonable price.

A USB memory stick (8GB) / external hard-drive for backing up and transferring work.

Progression and Career Opportunities

Over 2.8 million people are employed in the creative industries – and this number has grown by nearly 14% since 2011

Career Opportunities:

  • Musician
  • Producer
  • Promoter
  • Manager
  • Marketer
  • Agent


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