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What Will I Study?

Psychology A level

There are three components / modules taught over two years. All of these modules are assessed by exams at the end of the second year.

  • Component 1 – Research Methods (30%, 2 hour exam)
  • Component 2 – Psychological themes through core studies (35%, 2 hour exam)
  • Component 3 – Applied psychology (35%, 2 hour exam)

Component 1 – Research Methods
This module encourages students to become familiar with four techniques for collecting and analysing data: self-report, experiment, observation and correlation.

Component 2 – Psychological themes through core studies
This module allows students to explore different approaches to explaining behaviour including the physiological, cognitive and social approaches through studying ten pairs of key psychological studies, one classic and one contemporary study.

Component 3 – Applied Psychology

This module allows the exploration of specific areas of Psychology that students may wish to specialise in. All students will study mental health and forensic Psychology.

Mental Health Psychology includes; the history of mental health, categorising abnormal behaviour, as well as the biological, behaviourist and cognitive explanations and treatments of mental health disorders.

Forensic Psychology involves studying Psychology in application to the law including; reasons why people turn to crime such as biology, the collection and processing of forensic evidence, the collect and processing of evidence provided by witnesses and suspects, factors that affect jury decisions and the effects of imprisonment.  Student will then be required to choose one of the following modules to study; sport, child or environmental psychology.



As a psychology student you have the choice of three pathways. These are linked to the component 3 exam and are studied in year 2. You will have the choice of child psychology, sport psychology or environmental psychology.