We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and hope that at the very least, you enjoy a relaxing and peaceful weekend.


Those of you who are studying seem to be, on the whole, managing to get into a routine so that you can attend the Microsoft Teams classes and complete the work being set. There are still some of you who are torn between different subjects which are competing for your time. Our advice is that you follow the timetable you would usually have in college, doing each subject in the time slot allocated and then add an hour in your college ‘free-time’ for each subject. Remember that not all of the work has to be done immediately, unless you have been putting it off for a while; where you are unsure about priorities, your teachers and personal tutor are here to help. There are no lessons during the Easter break, so use this time to catch-up but also to have some chill time, hopefully in the sunshine!


We are still working with over 95% of our current apprentices, ensuring online and remote learning and assessment takes place. Most of our apprentices are currently working from home, a few are on furlough, and there are also those identified as working in key sectors who are still going to work. All of these learners are still able to continue their learning through remote means.

Interested in an Apprenticeship?

We know that it is an uncertain time in the job market at the moment but our year 2 students will be thinking about their next steps, and an apprenticeship may be one of their options.  If you would like to find out more about how apprenticeships work, how to research and look for apprenticeship vacancies and how to make the best application, the College Apprenticeship Team are available to help albeit it remotely. We can either send information via email or provide an advice and guidance session through Microsoft Teams.  Please email apprenticeships@cirencester.ac.uk and we can take it from there.


Our Weekly Challenge this week is Cooking with Colour – every member of the family picks one colour. The colour that you choose is the colour of food with which you have to create a meal. Once everyone has cooked their chosen food, all members must have a test taste and vote for the best meal. Whoever has the most votes wins! Post your food challenge pictures on Instagram and tag us in your photos. You might want to follow us on Instagram to get details of next week’s challenge too.

And don’t forget to enrol yourself on the Wellbeing and Self-care for Isolation course on Moodle 3 for more useful information and ideas about how to keep well.


Reminder: If you are coming to the end of your course and/or are about to make decisions about future directions, as usual, we are here to help albeit in a slightly different format. From week commencing 20th April, our Careers Adviser, Janice, will be offering one to one guidance appointments via Microsoft Teams Software. This will allow for a 45-minute Careers Guidance Appointment or a shorter guidance appointment depending on your query.  To arrange a guidance appointment please e-mail Janice.Hagan@cirencester.ac.uk letting her know what day/time would suit you best for an appointment.  Please be as detailed as possible in letting her know what you need help with in the e-mail so that she can provide you with exactly what you need.


As we mentioned last week, our team (Brian and Keith) are continuing their visor production through the holiday period. Following our appeal, we think their output will be augmented by more that are being made by some of the people who got in touch. Visor production is spreading and the kit itself looks very little different from that you see on TV in major hospitals. As we produce more, we can reach more groups of vulnerable key workers. There has been a steady flow of visors to the various NHS related outlets and today, the Principal delivered 10 to local social work teams who have little or no PPE but are going into acute hospitals and into the homes of very sick people to provide care.

Once again, if anyone knows of a company locally which produces, or has stocks of clear plastic film (240 x 240 ml typically PETG 0.5mm) then please email PA.Principal@cirencester.ac.uk. Similarly, if you have the facilities to print and make these as well, we will be happy to share details of the design and prototype.


Just before the College closed, we started work on moving the back lane. Our contractors have continued work; the old huts have gone, they have cleared the scrub and are busting their way through heaps of WW2 concrete to shape the new lane and putting the base courses down. The new route for the lane will enable us to secure that side of the site more easily and give us the opportunity to develop the land previously occupied by the old lane and the huts.


That is all for now. Have a good Easter break, stay safe and well

Jim Grant