Learning Skills & Support

We offer individual and small group help to students who require additional support with their studies.

for example:

guidance on time management

study and revision skills



essay writing




We also carry out assessments for exam access arrangements e.g. extra time, word processor, scribe, reader, rest breaks, solo working.

We assess students for in class support and liaise with Learning Support Workers.


Who can attend?

Students who have had specialist support in their school

Students who have Specific Learning Difficulties e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia, Aspergers.

Students who have a physical/sensory impairment e.g. visual or hearing impairment or other physical support needs.

Students whose lecturers refer them to our service, due to significant needs.

Students who have had previous exam dispensations/exam access arrangements.

the service is for any student enrolled on a course at Cirencester College who meets our criteria.

How do we work?

Some support is given on a drop in basis but most students attend a regular weekly tutorial during their individual study time.

this may be sort or longer term.

An individual learning plan will be agreed, based on students needs, and reviewed regularly.

Staff will be available at Parents’ Evenings.

We also liaise with teachers and tutors and Learning Support Workers to ensure that support is tailored to individual needs.

Learning Support

There are a team of Learning Support Workers.  Some have teaching experience, others have nursing or care backgrounds and other have business or personnel management experience.  We need this diverse range of personalities and experience in order to cater for the diverse needs of our students.

A need for additional support is usually identified and discussed at transition reviews (for those students with an Education Health & Care Plan), but in exceptional cases it may become apparent during the application process, during screening or as the course progresses.

Learning Support Workers (LSWs) are employed by the College to enable students who have additional support needs to access the curriculum.

LSWs support students in a number of ways.

For example:

in class 1:1 support

help with access and assisting with physical needs


organisation of workloads

LSWs try to support students and lecturers in the most beneficial way possible, enabling students to reach their full potential and achieve for themselves.

Ideally, there should be a meeting between the student, LSW and lecturer before the start of term, but in realist this is not always possible.

Useful items for discussion when you do meet will be:

Strategy for the first/early sessions

How do you learn best and how can we help you?

A communication system, including discussing the working relationship and progress between student, LSW and lecturer.